Hi, my name's Jaimes Berry!
Since a young age, I've had a huge interest in working with cameras, an interest that has led me to filming wallabies in the Scottish Highlands, to capturing behind-the-scenes photographs of film shoots.
Having obtained qualifications in both filmmaking and photography, I continue to experiment with a wide range of creative genres, seeking to improve my knowledge and experience. 
My photographic experience includes portrait photography, photojournalism, product photography, headshots and more.
Despite a goal to ultimately work in Natural History Filmmaking, I continue to pursue a variety of other roles- from creating my own mini documentaries, to assisting with the production of short films. 
Throughout my spare time, personal interests include wildlife watching, hiking and a range of other outdoor activities, as well as journalism and conservation, interests that have both played a role in the development of my photographic work.
Most of my services can be booked directly via the contact page. Here you will be able to complete a form that is sent to me directly, and allows for quick and easy communications regarding any bookings and enquiries- please don't be afraid to ask anything!
Please also note the guide prices list which can be viewed below. These prices cover the cost of general shoots, from events to general portrait shoots. 
Prices (Photography)*
One Hour Shoot: £35
Full Day Shoot (up to 8 hours): £250
Two Day Shoot (up to 16 hours): £400
Five Day Shoot (>40 hours): £900
*Costs may be implemented dependant on distance

Photo credit: Joe Baker

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